Using new revolutionary techniques endorsed by neuroscientist Allison Foster PhD, learn how to rapidly lower stress and uncomfortable emotions in minutes so you can reset your stress response , thrive, have more peace, fun, love, energy and happiness in your life


I’m Valee

My Vision

Is to help change how society deals with stress, so that we can live in a world that is more mentally and emotionally happy. 


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Choose the Stress Questionnaire below and click on the link. 

At the end of the of the questionnaire you will be find an option for a complimentary 15-20 minutes stress mastery roadmap session

What I Do

Stress Mastery

I coach:

my clients on rapid stress clearing techniques that they can apply to their daily life for immediate relief.  These techniques can be applied to work/business, relationship, performance, trauma or general stress and usually clear the stress response within 1-4 minutes.

These techniques are easy to learn and apply so that you can get immediate relief from stress whether you are at work, home or other areas of life.

You can choose from 1-1 tailored sessions, a 1-1 coaching program or an online course.




Shungite is called the stone of life due to its unique molecular structure that has the ability to absorb toxins 30 times more effectively than activated carbon and to protect us from EMFs (electro-magnetic fields).

I stock a range of products that can help support your  health and wellbeing, and naturally reduce stress, from water cleansing, to EMF protecting necklaces and earrings, to computer and phone EMF protection products, to beauty care.

I also offer free shungite parties in the Auckland area and online, plus wholesale for retailers.


"The stress relief tools are magical. I could literally feel the Adrenalin leaving my body and calm my systems."

Susanna Grosswiler

"I learned how quickly stress chemicals can be cleared and how simple the tools are. It is clever how easily your perception can be changed, turning negatives into positives and making me feel very motivated."

Henry Gautry, Olympic Athlete

"Valee spent just 1 hour with me on the subject of absolute anger toward.....well....Police over an issue. The method she used worked so well that on awaking in the morning, as soon as I opened my eyes.....I felt completely different. Thank you so much Valee."

Linde Walker, Self-Employed

"I've often gone into a session with Valee feeling overwhelmed with life but her simple stress relief techniques have helped me immensely. I come out the other end of the session feeling calm and tranquil. The techniques she guides you through are relatively simple but so, so effective. I can't recommend Valee enough.’"

Marie O, Auckland

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