About Me

“New Zealand has been an amazing transformational journey for me since arriving in 1989 from the UK.

For 11 years I delved deeply into my own psyche and continue to study and grow to this day”…


My Journey

I actually came to NZ because I was mad on horses and wanted to live my dream of living in the country, owning my own horses, breeding my own horse and eventing which I fulfilled.  I must say it was the most wonderful dream that came into reality… and then

my inner healing started in 1991 when I was introduced to psychosynthesis (personal/transpersonal development).  I didn’t know it then, but it was the start of an incredible journey from then on in my life and continues to this day.

After completing the long process of pyschosynthesis which took me 10 years to complete the diploma, I studied emotional freedom technique (EFT), which works beautifully with it, and started integrating these modalities together in sessions.

Later, some of my clients were needing help with their relationships which inspired me to become a relationship coach through the Relationship Coaching Institute in 2008.

I had also studied therapeutic massage (dip) which included the physiology of stress.  This knowledge, together with my psychosynthesis and EFT experience, enabled me to develop the techniques I now use in my practice for rapidly relieving stress and uncomfortable emotions.

Stress Study

As I worked with my clients I started timing how quickly they were experiencing stress relief.  It became apparent that the majority of my clients were feeling a high level of relief in 1-4 minutes.  This encouraged me to set up a stress study with a neuroscientist so that these techniques could become more widely known.

Ultimately, I have developed a system that quickly addresses stress, uncomfortable emotions and resistance by clearing the chemicals that create them.  I believe these processes rewire old responses and triggers, hence why clients see things in a different light, are able to focus more easily on their work or business, feel more confident, gain clarity to know how to deal with issues and, in general, feel happier and more in control in their life.

One of the greatest things about this system is that it can easily be learned and used for any area of life such as work, business, relationships, performance and for general life issues.

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