Alex's Transformation Journey

After My Second Session

by Alex van Tuly

“Unfortunately I didn’t get to ride my boy today due to bad weather and other circumstances.

But I did ride my lease horse for the second time and noticed a HUGE DIFFERENCE in my CONFIDENCE and LACK OF WORRY!!!!

I also felt huge sadness not being able to ride Ringo so I am looking forward to a fine weekend.”


Photo: Alex with Ringo

After My Third Session

“One of my issues is having trouble mounting: as my foot entered the stirrup my heart would race and I would feel extremely anxious.

After doing a session with Valee to remove the stored trauma I was holding onto with regards to mounting,
I have improved immensely this week !

I had a calm and peaceful mounting experience with only a miniscule fleeting feeling of nerves, which quickly dissipated and changed to joy!


Thank you for today, I loved the session!

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