Stress Mastery Program for Auckland Business Owners and Managers First Steps Grant 

Are you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, isolated and/or under pressure as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions?

Valee coaches business owners and managers with the skills to master stress in the workplace so they are more equipped to deal with the stresses of running or managing a business, especially in these Covid times.

Unfortunately, many people in business do not have the tools to quickly deal with stress which prevents optimal performance and impacts business outcomes.  However, there are very simple ways to address stress that quickly bring your mind back to balance, so that you can regain your focus, drive and business acumen, and get back down to business.

Trying to resolve business work issues is almost impossible whilst you are stressed because your mind is overwhelmed, so you are not able to think as clearly and logically.  Learning to master stress can also help to rebalance an overreactive response to stress as well as change behaviours such as procrastination, easily getting distracted and the blocks to moving forward.  Similarly, it can help improve health and wellbeing, communication, increase mental alertness, improve working relationships and help to make better business decisions.

Valee’s stress mastery coaching program is tailored to the business’ priorities and unique situation, and addresses the core challenges that are causing stress.  Valee will coach you on how you can take control of stress so that you can master it.

Because her techniques are focused on clearing the chemicals in the body that cause stress, the stress response can clear in a matter of minutes.  (Her techniques are endorsed by neuroscientist Allison Foster, PhD.)

First Step: Free Consultation

Valee offers a free 30-minute online consultation to create a roadmap so that she can provide you with the best and most effective support.  For preparation, please fill in the Business Stress Mastery Questionnaire below.  After we receive this, Valee will contact you to book your free consultation.

The Stress Mastery Coaching Program

The coaching program offers you 6 individual coaching sessions.  It also includes the Stress Mastery online Course which covers such topics as the types of and impact of stress and how to use the different stress mastery tools, complete with audio recordings as support between the coaching sessions.

This program will give you an understanding of what stress is and help you recognise your signs of stress, and how to quickly deal with it so that you can increase your performance.

Valee works online and recommends weekly or fortnightly sessions.

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