Introductory Stress Mastery 1 Hour Session (50% OFF)


In this risk-free introductory session you will discover your easiest path to experiencing stress relief and mastery.

(Please note that this offer is one per person for new clients. Please feel free to pass on the link to this offer).


During this session we will go through your stress questionnaire (see the home page for the link) so that you can decide what stress you would like to focus on and clear during this risk free session.

This process will help you prioritise the most important stress emotion to clear in relation to a specific event in the area of stress you chose in the questionnaire. From there I will guide you on applying the appropriate rapid clearing tool/s with the intention of bringing the stress level down to a zero.

Usually clients experience not only the chosen stress come down usually to a zero, but other identified emotions that produce stress reduce significantly. As an example, a client may have ticked 18 different stress/emotions in relation to a specific area of stress and, even though we only focused on clearing say for example anger, all the other identified stress/emotion levels usually come down significantly.

In the event you don't experience any relief whilst using the tools, which is rare, then there will be no charge.

Afterwards, we can discuss what would be the most beneficial path for you on your stress mastery journey.


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