50g Elite Stones for Water Cleansing


Use elite shungite stones to cleanse your water of toxins, pathogens and mold, to detox and for ongoing health and wellbeing.

Elite shungite has 98% fullerenes and is the rarest of all shungite.  It is the purest and best for cleansing water and activating it with fullerenes (the molecular structure of shungite).

Research: Fullerenes have scientifically been shown to absorb toxins and molds, and neutralises bacteria and viruses.  This unique molecular structure has 30 times more effectiveness than activated carbon at removing free radicals from water (Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology and Scientific Research Center of Medical Biophysics).


Use for approximately 3 years

With this product you will receive the free shungite guide

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Weight .051 kg


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