Stress Mastery Coaching 1-1 Session


Sessions start with identifying what specifically is causing stress and then addressing it with the appropriate technique/s to clear the stress chemicals. Using these tools that I have developed most clients’ stress quickly reduces usually in 1-4 minutes.

The process can be applied to current stress at work, home, other areas of life or general stress. I also help clients deal with past stress that is having an impact on their life now, such as past trauma. An example would be being bullied in the past and not knowing how to deal with conflict, being anxious speaking up, other anxieties because of the fear of being bullied, conflict in relationship/s etc. (Some clients don’t realise the effect past experiences can have on their current stress levels).

The techniques can quickly address the fight/flight stress response such as frustration, anger, resentment or worry, apprehension, anxiety and all other stressful emotions such as feeling confused, disappointment, sadness, feeling depressed or embarrassed.

Whilst stressed the reptilian brain takes over which prevents the use of the rational mind. Clearing stress brings your body back to balance and your thinking back to normal functioning so that you can find solutions.

Many times clients naturally think of a solution to a stressful problem after clearing the stress chemicals. In essence, clearing stress is the first step to finding solutions and these techniques speed up this process.

If you would like to take a step further and learn these techniques to integrate into your life, my coaching program takes you on a step by step journey whilst receiving personalised support. As a bonus you will receive the online stress mastery course for free.



Sessions are based on your personal priorities and unique situation, and address the core issues (stressors) that are creating stress in your life.

They are ideal for those who have a moderate to high level of stress where you will receive 1-1 focused support from Valee.

Sessions are 1 hour long, conveniently conducted on zoom and are available during weekdays and evenings.


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