Pendulum Pendant


5.5cm long 2.25cm wide

No matter where you are, wear a shungite pendant for EMF protection, especially when using your phone, around other people using phones and around other wifi and radiation.

You could also use this one as a pendulum

(Also purchase a phone chip for greater protection)

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Shungite neutralise the negative effect from wireless, electromagnetic, radioactive and geopathic emissions by grounding, balancing and strengthening your energy systems.  (Ref: Regina Martino, bioenergetics researcher, Shungite: protection, healing, and detoxification (research book)).

Shungite's molecular fullerene structure "opens wide prospects for their use in construction of bricks and plaster composite mixtures, to create screening compartments and facilities to protect against the impact of various types of radiation".  (Ref: Moscow State University, Russia & Scientific Research Centre of Medical Biophysics, Bulgaria)

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