Stress Mastery Coaching Program


This program includes the Stress Recovery and Mastery Online Course at no additional cost.

In this program you will learn to apply the stress mastery techniques to any area of your life that you find stressful, whilst receiving 1-1 support from Stress Mastery Coach Valee More.

This program is ideal for anyone who has a medium to high level of stress who wants to change and master their stress response to everyday life situations such as work, relationships, performance and general stress.

You will receive 6 coaching sessions together with the Stress Mastery Home Study (online) Course which is included in the program at no extra cost.  There is also an option to continue with 1-1 sessions after.

An installment arrangement is available:

  • One payment of $450 is due before your first session and one payment of $450 after your 3rd session.  After the second payment you will have lifetime access to the online course

Please contact Valee if you would like to pay in two installments either with direct NZ bank credit or credit card via Paypal.

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Please click here to access the stress questionnaires.

  • Before starting the program, please fill a stress questionnaire from the above link
  • Module 1 of the Stress Recovery and Mastery Online Course is the beginning of the program and is completed prior to the first 1-1 coaching session.
  • In the first 1-1 session, we will go through the answers to your stress questionnaire.
  • Valee will help you identify your common stress responses and create a personalised plan to work on and clear these.
  • You will learn how to apply the most important technique for your situation first.
  • The program is based on learning one technique at a time during a session, using it to clear stress and practicing each technique for a week.  This helps you to easily integrate the techniques into your life.
  • The modules in the Stress Recovery and Mastery Online Course give you a deeper understanding of stress.
  • The techniques learned are all recorded so that you can refer back to them.
  • The modules are best used as preparation for each session.  Valee will let you know which module to work on prior to the session.

The coaching sessions can be done weekly or fortnightly during week days or evening depending on the individual’s needs



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