Stress Recovery & Mastery 

Would you like to experience and learn how to change your stress response in minutes?

Do you need help with work/business, relationship, performance or other types of stress?

Stress Recovery & Mastery Coaching works directly with clearing the stress chemicals from your body, enabling it to quickly come back to homeostatis (balance) so that you can get mental clarity, focus, make easier decisions and face challenges.

It can support you to achieve your ideal transformation providing you with tools that can address work stress, deal with a stressful business situation, a relationship challenge, improve performance or deal with trauma or general life stress.

Stress Recovery & Mastery Coaching can also help for example rebalance an overreactive response to stress, improve health and wellbeing, communication, push through procrastination, increase happiness and effectiveness in one’s life.

1-1 Tailored Coaching Sessions

First Session

On the first session we go through your questionnaire and make a plan on how you can rapidly reduce your stress.  (This part of the first session (approximately 15 minutes) is free if you click on the free questionnaire on the home page).

We also discuss a session/payment plan tailored to your needs.

Tailored Sessions

The sessions are based on your priority and unique situation and address the core issues (stressors) that are creating stress.


As the techniques target the stress chemicals, the stress response usually comes down within minutes.  This has a very positive effect on the feeling of wellbeing, mental alertness, peace of mind, clarity and easier decision making.

Some of the long-term effects of stress recovery and mastery are improved health and relationships, better sleep, clearer calmer thinking, easier to relax and find solutions, better working relationships and communication, happier, enhanced self-esteem and self-worth, feel much more in control, and being able to easily deal with the normal stress of every day living.

Who is this for?

These sessions are ideal for those who have a moderate to high level of stress where you will receive focused support.

Sessions are conveniently conducted on meet up or by phone.


If you would like to commit to 6 sessions, you can receive the Stress Recovery and Mastery online course at no additional cost*, as a way of additional support and to integrate the rapid stress clearing techniques into your life.  (Please see the online course details below).

*6 x $150/session.


1-1 Coaching Program

The 1-1 stress recovery and mastery program is set up for you to learn the techniques so that you can apply them in your daily life.

The first module is preparation prior to your first coaching session.

First Session

On the first session we go through your questionnaire so that you can decide what area of stress you would like to focus on and clear first.  (Please fill in a stress questionnaire on the home page.)

Clearing Techniques

One technique is learned at a time and applied to your life for at least one week.

You learn 4 clearing techniques, plus one for focused creation.

You will learn the clearing techniques so that you can use them spontaneously in the moment, e.g. at home, work or other area of life.  It can only take a matter of minutes and sometimes only seconds to clear a stress response.

Uses and Benefits

Each technique has specific uses and benefits:

The fight response clearing technique is used to clear any of the fight stress emotions such as frustration, irritation, feeling annoyed or resentful.

The flight response clearing technique is used to clear any of the flight stress emotions such as worry, uneasiness, apprehension or anxiety.

These two techniques rapidly bring the stress hormones (chemicals) down and your body and mind back into balance (homeostasis), so that you can think clearly, find solutions, make decisions and regain peace of mind.

The resistant clearing technique is used whenever you are feeling reluctant or avoiding doing something.  This technique helps change behaviours such as procrastination, getting distracted, making excuses or complaining, so that you can get on with those things that you know you need to do.

The emotion clearing technique is used to clear all other uncomfortable emotions such as disappointment, confusion, guilt or sadness.  This technique helps you quickly process uncomfortable emotions as and when they come up, so that you can, for instance, come back to a feeling of wellbeing, feeling in charge of yourself, feeling calm and happy.

Ultimately, these techniques help to rewire your thinking so that you see life’s situations in a different light.  They also help to clear the accumulation of chemicals that have built up over your lifetime, that trigger uncomfortable emotions, and they help to desensitise the stress response and bring your nervous system back into balance.

Other Benefits

Please see 1-1 Tailored Coaching Sessions for more benefits.

An Olympic Coach’s Feedback

(Working with one of his Olympic teams)

“The stress mastery program has had a significant impact – you have done some fantastic work”.

Program Details

ONLINE COURSE: You receive the online stress recovery and mastery (SRM) course for free saving you $347: access to the online platform; 7 modules which includes introductory videos; technique audios with powerpoint presentations so you can listen to them in your own time; practice worksheets for each of the techniques and other exercises downloadable PDFs of each lesson in the platform; Facebook group Q&A to support your learning; completion worksheets so that you can keep a record of your insights and learnings.

COURSE MODULES: for details please go to the Online Course below.

PERSONAL COACHING SESSIONS: Weekly or fortnightly personal coaching sessions with a commitment of 6 sessions.  Sessions are conveniently on Google Meet or by phone.


$450 prepaid prior to starting the program plus $450 prepaid prior to the fourth session.  Further sessions are available if desired.


Online Course

Learn a quick and very effective Stress Recovery & Mastery System so that you can clear stress in everyday life.

This program is not stress management; it works directly with clearing the stress chemicals from the body, usually bringing it back to homeostatis (balance) in a little as 1 minute after using a technique.

(Please read Uses and Benefits in the 1-1 Coaching Program).


Please fill in the stress questionnaire on the Home Page.  This will help you with your goals.

What is Included in the Course?

The online Stress Recovery & Mastery Course consists of 7 modules.  (Modules 3-6 can be done in any order.) 

All the modules have an introductory video; all the lessons have downloadable PDFs; the stress clearing tools have written instructions and audios with a powerpoint presentation, they also come with worksheets to make it easy to integrate them into your life; there are also worksheets for other exercises; each module has a completion worksheet so that you can record your learnings and insights as you go through the course.

Q&A Support

For your support, Q&A is available in a Facebook group.


This covers how to get the most out of the course; Valee’s own anxiety story; the course mission and a reminder of the terms of service.

Module 1

In this module you learn about the different types of stress, its mental and physiology impact and the part of the mind that perceives danger that causes the fight/flight stress response.

Module 2

This module takes you through how to assess your stress questionnaire; to identify your goals for the course; and an overview of the techniques/tools learned in the course.

Module 3

In this module you learn how to clear the fight stress reponse such as feeling annoyed or frustrated and bring yourself back to balance.

Learning is done by reading, audio, exercises and worksheets.

Module 4 

In this module you learn how to clear the flight stress reponse such as feeling worried, afraid or anxious.

Learning is done by reading, audio, exercises and worksheets.

Module 5

In this module you learn how to center and accept yourself and how to transform resistance into change.

Learning is done by reading, audio, exercises and worksheets.

Module 6

In this module you learn about the second level of stress and the tool for clearing all other uncomfortable emotions.  You also learn how to identify your unmet needs that cause emotional upset.

Learning is done by reading, audio, exercises and worksheets.

Module 7

In this module you learn a hypnosis technique to help create what you deeply desire to enhance your life.

Learning is done by reading, audio, exercises and worksheets.

All modules come with a completion document where you can record your transformations and insights.

Program Cost






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