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Would you like a simple way to cleanse your drinking water from toxins and pathogens or protect yourself from EMFs emitted from your wifi and electrical appliances?

Shungite is considered the ‘Stone of Life’ because of it’s unique fullerene molecular structure that has an outstanding ability to absorb toxins, metals, bacteria, viruses and mold. 

According to Moscow University, shungite is 30 times more powerful than actived carbon to cleanse water.  This very special stone also has the ability to absorb and protect you from electromagnetic fields from your computer, mobile phone and similar types of products.

Take a look at the beautiful natural products sourced directly from a mine in Russia that give amazing support for your health and wellbeing:

Water Cleansing Stones

Pyramids and phone chips

Necklaces, bracelets and Earrings

Handmade beauty soap and more

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